Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Walking Down Market Street, 5:45

Step aside sister, I have a train to catch.

My, aren't we the pretty pretty princess, all sparkly in silver.

You made a PROMISE not to run in front of buses.

Crap here comes the Lanyard Brigade, looking for City Hall.

Must, push, through, Lanyard Brigade.

He has no legs and seems insane, should I still give him money?

I just don't think he would spend it responsibly.

Why am I here?

Passing on your left!

Do I have time to check my balance?

Why doesn't the market stay open past 6?

Shit! I have yoga tonight.

I'm not going, no time for dinner.

Yoga dinner yoga dinner yoga dinner.

I have to run.

I am running I am running.

They're looking at me so what.

Yoga dinner yoga dinner yoga dinner.

Channeling Gayle Sayers.

I loved Brian's Song.

How come I don't have a piano?

I miss playing the piano.

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